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Surprisingly, Lucy does find friends and more than that, too. by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley HISTORICAL FICTION Ada and her brother escape their mother’s abuse when the London children are evacuated during WWII and go to live with a grieving woman in a small country town. Not only are the stories compelling, it’s vitally important for kids to learn what it’s like to be an immigrant, particularly a refugee. Because empathy is learned from stories like these.

It’s difficult for both the woman and children to trust but slowly the trust grows and all three regain something lost — hope and love. Follow three distinct, alternating stories to experience being displaced from your country, on the run, and in danger.

This is a coming-of-age, gripping story about a boy who is just trying to figure out life like most boys at age 12.

by Sayantani Dasgupta MYTHOLOGY This story pulls you in from the first page — in fact I took a screen shot of a sentence from the beginning of the book that just captures the humorous, mythological essence, and adventure of the story to come: “” Kiranmala discovers on her 12th birthday (well, a few days later when she actually believes it) that she’s a princess from another realm and her parents are trapped in a black hole-type place.

Now Sky and her fellow humans live below ground in safety with Noah as their supreme ruler. ) father left her a secret note with cryptic instructions on how to be found.