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(Jeff's blog goes on to explain how to install a solaris10 branded zone on Oracle Solaris 11 Express.) Upgrading zones in Oracle Solaris 11 Express differs from upgrading zones in Oracle Solaris 10.

Currently, brand zones in Oracle Solaris 11 Express are not updated when the global zone is updated.

Table 1: Zone Differences Between Oracle Solaris 10 and Oracle Solaris 11 Express zones in Oracle Solaris 11 Express are "whole root" only and reside on their own ZFS dataset.

As Jeff Savit's blog ("Ours Goes to 11--Features of Oracle Solaris 11 Express") describes, creating non-global zones in Oracle Solaris 11 Express takes advantage of ZFS cloning, which inherently conserves space.

When Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center supports Oracle Solaris 11, it will greatly simplify system management, including tasks for managing operating systems, firmware updates, virtual machines, storage, and network fabrics.


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