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Dancing with Triangles In this Dancing with the Stars parody, contestants have to dance with a triangle.

The first three contestants are rejected because their dancing partners are not triangles; Chris flamenco-dances with a hexagon, Gordon square-dances with a square, and Maria tangos with The Elephant. Johnson doesn't have anything that starts with G, but wins due to Grover thinking of him as a gentleman.

Audience member Telly Monster obliges to waltz with a triangle and becomes the show's winner. Johnson's reading at the park to have him be a contestant in "The Letter G Game", in which Mr. Prizes include a pair of gloves and glasses, which go with a new pet goat, who can play the guitar.

Make it Fit Cookie Monster has to search through a bin of shapes to find the matching shape, an octagon, within a one-minute time limit (similar to Beat The Time).

The object of this game is to, while blindfolded, ask three different animals some questions about themselves, and then pick one of them to be the contestant's pet before taking off the blindfold and seeing what kind of pet was chosen. In this skit, the contestant is Prairie Dawn, and the letter is E.