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There is evidence that black men and women were occasionally discriminated against when dealing with the law because of their skin colour.

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Around the 1750s London became the home of many of Blacks, Jews, Irish, Germans, and Huguenots.

In 1764 The Gentleman's Magazine reported that there was 'supposed to be near 20,000 Negroe servants' -Evidence of the number of black residents in London has been found through registered burials.

The first record of an African in London was in 1593. London’s residents started to become fearful of the increased black population.

At this time Elizabeth I declared that black "Negroes and black Moors" were to be arrested and expelled from her kingdom, although this did not lead to actual legislation.

The £14.8bn Crossrail project aims to establish a 118km-long (73-mile) high-speed rail link with 37 stations across London, and is due to open in 2018.