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"Ten or 15 years ago it would have been an independent film, but nowadays there is no shortage of places to show and tell your stories.

Can you envision yourself attending a Hollywood movie premiere with a stunning actress on your arm?

"The stories she was telling and the interwoven moments were plucked out of my different relationships and my own digital life." Because of the nature of the stories that will tell, Ventimiglia adds that it was meant for a digital platform like go90.

He says he hopes to release the entire series at once to allow people to watch it in one sitting or to view episodes multiple times to catch all the ways that the many characters are connected.

She was picking out scarves, and she asked "Which one do you like? " I never forget it because I got the haircut again. We take some pretty good ones on set that will never be seen, so don't ask. Molly: I have my childhood stuffed animal that lives in Los Angeles that has gone everywhere with me. He's always walking around in a bathrobe like Hugh Hefner.

I was wearing a skirt, and I had short hair when I was like seven or eight. The most awkward thing I keep with me is…Molly: Well, I do have a turkey sandwich in my bag, but…Brett: I would say the photos on my phone. The most awkward thing to happen on set has been…Brett: Well, Beau takes his shirt off a lot.

Probably not – but some dreams can come true with a little help from a movie sweepstakes.