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Not that they're all gay, of course, but anything that's put out about them needs to be seen in that light. NOT saying he has not been with men, I just do know plenty of affairs he has had with women.

Their real lives or personalities likely bear little to no resemblance. Poor SJP, I wonder why she stays with him.r88 Matthew is well known in theater circles as being bi-sexual. Another known fact is that MB has always been attracted to women he works with, no secret there at all. Hey, it must work since he and SJP have been together a long time.

Jake can always play the straight gay friendly friend. Just a thought, but Jake def comes off as straight on that video, so like I said it could be a smart pr stunt.

R106 you don't have to give us anything, you little conceited fangurl. Quite a few people heard her (and no one was shocked).

Zac Efron is going to replace Tom Cruise as Hollywood's most parodied actor, for being in the closet.