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and; Though filled with song and dance, "it's wonderful"; "Wonderful in every way," so... JAMES FRANCO (squinting) God I fucking hate that guy. So good that my head could just burst with how good you were! Kirsten's life has been put in danger in the climax of both previous movies, indicating her closeness to me is a complete danger to her. Suddenly, they both turn into CARTOONS as they fight each other.If only there was something I could do to avenge my father's death. Nobody at all was eager for the scene to end, and not a single member of the audience looked at his ticket to make sure he didn't walk into the wrong theater, I promise! IDIOT SCIENTISTS Oh no, our experiment has gone awry. The fact that I would ever even consider continuing to put her life in jeopardy by maintaining a relationship with her indicates that I place my own desire for companionship above her very life. JAMES FRANCO (squinting) You knew this day was coming, Tobey!

I mean, I got dispatched the way Sylvester the cat does when he chases Tweety. This is unfortunate for you because you are her father! TOBEY'S APARTMENT TOBEY tries to sleep, but that BLACK OOZE that we forgot about from the first ten minutes of the movie decides to make an appearance. He combs his hair down, so that the audience knows when he's in EMO TOBEY mode. He does throw a bomb at the significantly-more-evil JAMES FRANCO, though, so that's kind of EVIL. CGI TOBEY MAGUIRE Right, I'll have you down in a minute! JAMES discovers that superheating THOMAS turns him into breakable glass, but he doesn't use that to defeat him. THOMAS HADEN CHURCH Rather than turn back into the monster and resume wreaking havoc, I'm just going to give up and morph into a human for no good reason until the fight is over. Now that Thomas has just given up entirely, we can both focus on Topher.

It is also unfortunate for me, aspiring photographer and all-around douchebag, because I am dating her! New costume ready, CGI TOBEY finds THOMAS HADEN CHURCH and kicks his sandy ass. EMO TOBEY MAGUIRE I'm going to take Bryce Dallas Howard to the jazz club where Kirsten works now and make her jealous. KIRSTEN DUNST No, I need your help understanding how the bad guys even knew to abduct me this time. You take the enormous, invulnerable monster that cannot be killed or stopped.

The year before we spent Christmas with our own families as we were a pretty new couple.

I had every reason in the world to be excited as this would be our first Christmas together after a year and a half into the relationship. “I think we should cook a Ham, what do you think we should cook”? He spoke of games we could play and bought wine for us to drink.

Dec 1st 2009 I sit here at my desk staring at 2 push pins neatly placed on my cork board – One red, one green, one sore reminder that Christmas is near.