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We started working together on 16th December, did 4 sessions, maybe 5 x 2/3 hour sessions, and we concluded at the end of April, by which time she already had them queuing up to get to know her.She is a lovely and very talented lady so I wish them all good luck in terms of whoever is lucky enough to win her hand.

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Many people, particularly men can relate to a woman acting cool but deep down you can see she is ‘desperate’ for a relationship.

Despite the outward appearances, that internal desperation and the fragmented or the wounded heart still manages to seep through.

’ As we went through and I read extracts of the notes about where they were at in terms of their thoughts, feelings, and emotions they said: “OMG. ” The interesting thing is, is that was exactly how they were living their life every single day with the lack of confidence, self doubt, self sabotage, and feeling like a huge disappointment, and now they had taken up new hobbies, started taking action in their business, and were of course back out on the dating scene and looking at getting into a relationship.

I again quietly smiled to myself because one of their outcomes was to stop being stuck in daydreaming and therefore taking no action.

I can’t tell you how delighted I am that I not only stumbled across personal development all those years ago, but that I decided to give up the Accountancy and make this my vocation instead.