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Fourthly, we find a change in the models and metaphors used to describe the home and family.Prior to the 20th century, when we talked about courtship we used language and metaphors of home and family: system of courtship that played itself out in the entertainment culture and public square largely was understood and described by the advice and "expert" class with metaphors taken from modern industrial capitalism.Some people still believe in relationships, but others think it’s doomed. Junior Kalen Getz and sophomore Ally Williams have been dating for several months.

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They knew what was "normal." Prior to the 20th century, "normal" was determined within families and local communities, but now a "higher authority," with wide-spread circulation and readership, began to form a national consciousness. With the onset of the sexual revolution the question arose, "Why would a man court and woo a woman when he could gain a chief benefit of marriage, namely sexual gratification, for free with no commitment?

" (Friendship "with benefits" is a contemporary example.) Closely related to this is the invention of birth control.

People will date someone just to say they’re dating them.” Couples need to interact with each other and get to know each other.

Sophomore Caty Neeser agreed, saying, “I don’t like that it’s turned into this, but titles make everything more official.

Nowadays, most teens don’t want to put a title on anything.