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The pope functions in the mainstream media as a kind of living symbol of all Western religion.

In the Catholic media, he’s the man who can move magazine covers, or get you to click.

Many believe, falsely, that a pope has the authority to change unpopular moral and theological teachings of the Church, as if he were the leader of a giant political party and decided that a few planks in the party platform needed to be changed to ensure his party’s relevance.

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He’s not a sign from God for all living in this moment.

Through his own loquacity, he’s reduced himself to a stereotype that has become familiar to many Catholics: He’s the old liberal, who is just appalled by the young Huns entering his religious order.

In a way, he was trying to use papal authority as a kind of video-game cheat-code. Simply put, we don’t have to listen to popes when they are talking out of their rear ends.