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* Asian, Hispanic and Caucasian women prefer Caucasian men while Caucasian men are more likely to respond to everyone but Caucasian women.

* Caucasian women are twice as likely to respond to Caucasian men than African-American men.

“Our review across several disciplines suggest that mating preferences of men as well as women have responded with unsuspected speed to progress toward gender equality,” said Marcel Zentner, professor of psychology at University of Innsbruck.

Evolutionary scientists are now challenging the common view that mate choices are evolutionarily “hardwired” in our brains.

It could be an automatic reaction.”Though women represent 48 percent of the overall U. workforce, they constitute only 24 percent of the country’s STEM workers, according to the Census Bureau’s 2009 Community Survey.“In general terms, women have made many advancements, but in certain fields of STEM they haven’t made that much progress,” says Park.


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