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They have been classified into three histologic types, with increasing malignant potential: tubular, tubulovillous, and villous.Adenocarcinomas are generally considered to arise from adenomas,[9-13] based upon the following important observations: In addition, removal of adenomatous polyps is associated with reduced CRC incidence.[16,17] While most adenomas are polypoid, flat and depressed lesions may be more prevalent than previously recognized.

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The remaining 10% to 30% of patients have a family history of CRC that suggests a hereditary contribution, common exposures or shared risk factors among family members, or a combination of both.[2] Pathogenic variants in high-penetrance genes have been identified as the cause of inherited cancer risk in some colon cancer–prone families; these are estimated to account for only 5% to 6% of CRC cases overall.[3,4] In addition, pathogenic variants in lower penetrance genes may contribute to familial colon cancer risk.

In such cases, gene-gene and gene-environment interactions may contribute to the development of CRC.

Polyps that have traditionally been considered nonneoplastic include those of the hyperplastic, juvenile, hamartomatous, inflammatory, and lymphoid types.

However, in certain circumstances, hamartomatous and juvenile polyps can progress into cancer.

By combining these technologies with computational analysis of cell shape and velocity we obtain a full experimental characterization of epithelial dynamics during tissue growth, wound healing and cancer cell invasion.


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