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Discover Sri Lanka’s melting pot of cultures, exploring ancient Buddhist sites before admiring the Portuguese, Dutch and British influences in the architecture of its colonial towns.Head up into the misty hills and wander through immaculately-manicured tea plantations and fragrant spice farms.#Menlyn Boutique Hotel P9V7OXIvj @De Hoek is one of those prized gems, guaranteed to keep guests coming back time after time.

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to let us know what you are looking to do and we will be happy to accommodate you.

With tropical temperatures and two monsoon seasons, Sri Lanka’s climate provides the perfect conditions for growing delicious tea.

Once in a while, we all need a little magic, a taste of the adventure that makes us feel alive for real.

Which adventure could be greater than to travel or to be in love? NIu Bh9 Having a standing Date Night with your partner is very important for your marriage. CDMb The Last One Shiraz 2013, which forms part of the Rhino Run range.

That one night a week or month gives the two of you time to reconnected and check in, on your marriage and your partner’s life. What makes this Shiraz extra special is that only 1 215 bottles selling for R1 215 per bottle was released.