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They even have strict rules about physical contact: no frontal contact is allowed: couples can only touch at the side. That obviously means that premarital sex is also on the forbidden list.

But recent inquiries about Joy-Anna's pregnancy wonder if perhaps she was pregnant before she got married.

So it's likely that they used birth control for that reason, although if they did, they still broke one of the main family rules.

The older children are fishing and not paying attention and it's probably fortunate that Josie did not get her hands on the weapon.

Nonetheless, the picture shows that the family didn't do something they claimed to always do: keep guns safely away from their children.

When asked about breaking courtship rules, though, Jinger was coy, but suggested that maybe she broke a rule or two.

Of course, that doesn't mean much: when the rules even outlaw kissing and hugging, Jinger probably didn't do anything too scandalous.

As this was a missionary trip, many believe this rule got broken because the family wanted to try to distract the public from his latest scandal.