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But it would still essentially mean a hard border on the island of Ireland and critics claim this would break the Good Friday Agreement, risking peace in Northern Ireland.

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Asked whether this meant that more than two options were now on the table, her official spokesman said: “Work has been ongoing on two options. Ideas are obviously evolving as we go along.” The European commission has been pushing back against all of UK proposals, with reports that Brussels regards both as unworkable.

EU officials have said they want a solution for the Irish border, and in turn customs arrangements, by its forthcoming summit in June.

However, there are quite a few comedies written in dialect, comic operas and operettas.

Also, as Robert Gernhardt, a great writer of comic poems, has pointed out, Germany has a great tradition in the short form, with an unbroken line of highly original comic poets spanning back at least to the beginning of the 18th century, something no other national literature other than the British can boast of.

The group’s chairman, Jacob Rees-Mogg, has called the proposal “cretinous”, “deeply unsatisfactory” and argued that it would “not get us out of the European Union, which is what people voted for”.