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Designs from this period, with fancy bezels and lugs.The company produced memorable watches like the "Embraceable" - a one piece watch that was slipped on like a bracelet, and also the "Citation" which was named after a famous racehorse of the time.

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The company would later own factories in France, St.

Thomas, and Virgin Islands in the late 50's early 60's.

Hamilton, in contrast, had a reputation of producing a higher quality watch and had factories manufacturing watches entirely made in the USA.

They also imported swiss movements which they marketed under the Illinois name. In 1952 a proposal by the U S Tarriff Commission had recommended an increase import duties on swiss watch movements.

It was at that time that three young brothers saw an opportunity to begin a wristwatch company that produced moderately priced watches for the common-man; BENRUS. He was an attorney, and he was in charge of the advertising and finances for the company.