ace dating young - Handle intimidating people

— Paramhansa Yogananda Most of us come across difficult personalities at some points in our lives.These individuals may exist in our personal or professional environment., I wrote about the phenomenon that grips most of us at one time or another, leading us to feel inadequate, uneasy and temporarily inept in the presence of certain people.

Often that comes in the form of someone’s approval or affection. When you are ready to move forward, contact me to schedule a complimentary coaching call.

Think of what kinds of things you think you need from others in order to feel more confident.

(2) The next time you find yourself feeling intimidated, notice what you are believing. This may be difficult to do when you are standing in front of someone, so if it’s easier you can wait until the moment has passed.

You may find when you reflect on the situation that you felt the way you did when you were a kid and realize that those feelings are no longer relevant.

This leads us to question, Well, the interesting thing about intimidation is that the root of it is also the remedy.