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While village life and plant domestication were getting under way in the Fertile Crescent, people in the foothills of the Zagros Mountains (Iran) were relatively mobile, practicing vertical transhumance.Wild goats and sheep were hunted at lower elevations in the colder months and at higher elevations in the warmer months.The Netiv Hagdud occupants manufactured and used large numbers of sickles, grinding tools, and storage facilities, indicating an agricultural lifeway that preceded domesticated plants.

This site is located in a lower elevation zone than Ganj Dareh, outside the natural range of goats.

Goat remains at Ali Kosh show clear signs of domestication—the females have no horns.

Similarly, the cereals at the Syrian sites of Mureybet and Jerf el-Ahmar appear to be wild.

The Abū Hureyra site in Syria is the largest known site from the era when plants and animals were initially being domesticated.

Two periods of occupation bracketing the transition to agriculture have been unearthed there.


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