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The town - surrounded on the east, south and west by Isis - is being defended by Kurdish forces in Syria.After more than a year of fighting, Kobani has risen through the ranks to become a commander of a mixed-gender unit.Many families have five or more unmarried daughters According to the statistics on Kawa Camp that Rudaw obtained from the Refugee Council in Erbil, 1,364 refugees reside in the camp, of which 650 are male and 714 are female.

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These women are now calling out to womens rights groups and governmental organizations to help them find a solution.

There was an evident mood of desperation among the young women that Rudaw spoke with at the camp,because of this dilemma that prevents them from having a family of their own.

But, after the collapse of Saddam Husseins regime in 2003, many armed groups assaulted the camps, so they took refuge in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Many of the 90 young Kawa Camp women, who are longing for marriage, were born in Iraq and, since they do not even have Iranian identification cards, are technically without citizenship anywhere.

, Kurdistan region 'Iraq', Eran Muhammad is a 25-year-old Kurdish refugee from Iran, living in Kawa Refugee Camp in Qushtapa district, just out of Erbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan.