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She doesn’t tire of you talking about your struggles at work and encourages you to keep working toward your degree and finding something better.By great gifts, I don’t mean she spends a lot of money on you, it means she remembers that you wanted to be in the NHL and she buys you a jersey from your favorite childhood player or she comes home with your favorite brand of yogurt when she knows you’re running low.

When she’s not calling you, she’s texting you, instant messaging you or tweeting with you.

You spend time talking about your hopes and dreams and she asks lots of questions about what you want out of life.

She brings you flowers for no reason and makes you cookies and leaves them by your door.

Her gifts show that she’s thinking about you all the time and that she really listens to what you have to say.

Taking the next step from dating into a relationship isn’t always easy, especially if you’re feeling all shy or awkward about it.