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This is also fixed, and there's a new test to ensure it won't happen again.

Windows users: I need to investigate issue 101 before building a release of Re: 3.0w (source)With such a good state of affairs (i.e., no bug reports), I was able to tackle a top-requested feature (59, 73).

(Sorry for the delay.) (I would like to say not thank you to code.for disabling download support two days hence.)Re: Release 3.0.6 (source) (win32) (win-x64) This is a bug fix for a performance regression in 3.0.5, which I made available on November 12, 2012 without announcement.

The 3.0.5 encoder would achieve poor compression for inputs larger than the source window, due to an improper fix for issue 149. This has demonstrated several needed improvements in the release process I'm using, which I'll work on putting in the next release.

Well, it was just visual observation so I decidedto conduct a couple of tests. Test was conducted on virtual memory disk using RAMDisk XP v2.0.0.100from Cenatek Inc. Processing time was measured with Timer v8.00 tool by Igor Pavlov. More exactly speaking 288 769 595bytes for old and 288 771 262 bytes for Command line for XDelta is:timer xdelta3 -v -9 -A= -B x -W x -I 0 -P x -s old Diff.datwhere x is one of the values given below with the test results. If a file is opened in microsoft word and while the file is still open I try to use xdelta to produce difference with another file, the following error happens.