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For further safe sex precautions, the American Family Physician advises lesbian and bisexual women to avoid unprotected contact with a sexual partner's menstrual blood and with any visible genital lesions.Genital-genital tribadism was depicted three times during the "D-Yikes!' she protests, 'because I ceded to the sweet impressions of nature, and in imitating the charming weakness of all the women of the court of France, I surrendered to the sweet impulsion of love..hold me, as it were, captive within your walls?

The term tribade did not begin to refer exclusively to eroticism between women until Late Antiquity.

The Greeks and Romans recognized same-sex attraction, but as any sexual act was believed to require that one of the partners be "phallic" and that therefore sexual activity between women was impossible without this feature, mythology popularly associated lesbians with either having enlarged clitorises or as incapable of enjoying sexual activity without the substitution of a phallus.

"[Her] rumored tribadism had historically specific political implications," stated author Dena Goodman.

"Consider her final (fictive) testimony in The Confession of Marie-Antoinette: 'People!

In modern times, the term typically refers to various forms of non-penetrative sex (or frottage) between women.


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