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They stand for everything you've ever wanted: glamour, success, a rapierlike wit, a date with the Sex God of your choice, Barbie's wedding dress. study the impression is accurate-buying, wearing, caring for, and disposing of shoes is for them a necessity with which they concern themselves as little as possible.

Shoes hint that attaining those things is just as easy as slipping them on your feet. An initial impression might well be that there is no more ordinary and unremarkable consumption object than shoes. But far more commonly, shoes are seen as highly significant articles of clothing that are regarded as expressing the wearer's personality and perhaps as even capable of magically transforming them into beautiful, handsome, happy, confident, or heroic people.

Interviews and autobiographies also revealed that while no male reported owning more than 30 pairs of footwear, several women had over 100 pairs and a dozen owned between 50 and 70 pairs. * There is at least one pair of my footwear that I will probably keep forever.

The survey also found that women were significantly more likely than men to agree with statements that: * I often look at what shoes women wear. Nevertheless, both sexes overwhelmingly rejected the latter statement.

While the shoe autobiographies come from university students primarily in their early twenties, the interviews include a wider set of people ranging in age from 16 to 74.