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Beyond that, the issue also brought real pain to American Jews who wanted to live in Israel and to be accepted by it as they are.

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The Chief Rabbinate and the Israeli religious establishment and, for that matter, probably an overwhelming majority of Israelis as well, regardless of their own religious practices, understand Judaism to be an overarching structure, an edifice erected over thousands of years, not simply based upon a Divine plan but constructed through the Bible, the Talmud, the great codes, and the great interpretations of those codes, as a complex but standing structure that technically never changes but is only reinterpreted in a limited way to function within changing realities.

For those who believe and observe, this edifice gives them their daily, even hourly, marching orders.

The Bene Israel were recognized as Jews and Brother Daniel was not, even by the secular Israeli Supreme Court. In no case did any group come forward and ask for recognition as an alternative form of Judaism.

American Jews were busy building up their own Conservative and Reform movements as part of their final steps toward full integration Americans.

For those who observe less or do not observe at all except perhaps at the very margins of the edifice, the edifice still stands and they expect Jewish individuals, when they do act in religious ways, do so within it.