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When you want to dance to hits like One Direction’s What Makes Your Beautiful, you can do that with this game.

Follow the steps and move your body to try to get the highest score that is possible. With songs from the newest and the best artists out there, you will be able to have fun while singing at your best.

Returning to give you more of the dancing that you are after, Just Dance 4 helps you to move to songs that you love.

With a selection of hits from today’s most popular artists, like One Direction, you will be able to move to the songs that you love and that you can feel.

Be sure that you have enough balance in your hand phones. (I think you get the idea)Now it's the walkthrough time : DD. You can even put random name and age if you wish :). Like the school, city hall, album mall, idol centers and many more. But you can't go into their houses yet until they become your boyfriends. Now you are close friends with that idol and you're ready for your first date. Before you go for a date, talk to him to see which day he is free. And you need enough money for your dates, because you are require to pay for the dates. That's why you need to remember his personality and phone number. Get all his answers right in order to boost his mood. When the bar is full, you can give him gifts, hug him and finally...him! You've succeeded the date and your idol has become your boyfriend. Most common is the three mean girls you will see often after your date. What's good is that you just have to beat the enemy once and you win. Just watch a mini clip of you getting married to your idol.