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Assistant District Attorney Dan Sparks removed the written reprimand from her file.AUSTRALIAN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS COMMISSION, Workplace Relations Act 1996, s.170CE Application for relief re termination of employment, Kocsis and Charles Sturt University (U No.

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Such information, findings, or conclusions have been deliberately offered by the expert in order to secure an unfair or unlawful gain as determined by their employers, by the courts, and in many cases by their own admission.

Subsequently, no opinions have been added to the referenced sources.

Admitted that she lied under oath in 2002 when she claimed to have multiple postgraduate college degrees and to be a certified social worker, forensic counselor and substance abuse counselor.

She testified as an expert witness in a Family Court case in which a Rochester woman lost custody of her children.

Resume provided that he had a degree from the University of California Berkeley in Premedical Studies. According to reports, after a lengthy federal investigation, Crippin is "facing felony charges including theft of more than $15,000 and embezzlement of public property.