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By reaching a healthy weight, you increase your chances of conceiving naturally and reduce your risk of the problems associated with being overweight in pregnancy. Your doctor may be able to refer you to a specialist weight loss clinic.

Find out about losing weight before you become pregnant.

Make sure you go to all your antenatal appointments so your pregnancy team can monitor the health of you and your baby.

A BMI of 25 to 29.9 means you're overweight, and a BMI of 30 or above means you're very overweight, or obese.

If you are overweight, the best way to protect your health and your baby's wellbeing is to lose weight before you become pregnant.

If you're overweight, discuss your birth options with your midwife or doctor.

Ask if there are any particular safety concerns for you around giving birth at home or in a birthing pool.

If you start an aerobic exercise programme (such as swimming, walking, running or aerobics classes), tell the instructor that you're pregnant.