Stop adobe from updating

Click "Preferences" on the left-hand side and uncheck the "Automatically check for Adobe updates" box. Adobe Updater will not check for available updates unless manually instructed to do so.Double-click on your hard drive's icon on the desktop and select the "Applications" folder from the "Places" menu on the left-hand side.You can also open the "Applications" folder by selecting the folder from the "Go" drop-down menu in the "Finder" menu.

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The Adobe folder contains files for all Adobe programs installed on your system.

Locate and open the Adobe Updater folder, which will be named "Updater" followed by a version number, such as 5 or 6.

First, going to the link that you provided, I read the following: "Version 11 provides four update options:", . In general, I dislike any program that autonomously changes anything on my machine (and yes, that may be a deal breaker for switching to Windows 10).

And more specifically, a short while ago, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC produced an Unsuccessful application reconfiguration with the following description (from the reliability monitor screen): Description Windows Installer reconfigured the product.

Locate the executable file titled "Adobe Updater" within the "Updater" folder.