Take a break from dating

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On the other hand, leaving someone we already have formed a bond with is very different from taking a break from relationships altogether.

Whether there is something worth salvaging — the million-dollar question — depends on what investment we have already made in a relationship, how compatible we are with our partners, and how likely we are in the longer term to move into a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

People who can't tolerate being alone are at times using relationships to "self-medicate" feelings of loneliness and unworthiness, fears of abandonment and rejection, depressive feelings, and related anxieties and worries.

Being locked into relationships to manage such states of mind also leads to fighting which goes in circles, without leading to accord or solutions.

We can blame ourselves, using up psychotherapy sessions in self-recrimination and rumination, rather than understanding what the underlying issues are, making connections on emotional levels, and preparing to make better decisions about dating before jumping right back into it.