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Repeated daily blood pressure elevations and increases in stress reactivity caused by caffeine consumption could contribute to an increased risk of coronary heart disease in the adult population." [Doctors and patients need to seriously reevaluate the effect of caffeine as a perpetuating factor of sleep deprivation and central nervous system hyperstimulation.] Lange G, Janal MN, Maniker A et al. Safety and Efficacy of Vagus Nerve Stimulation in Fibromyalgia: A Phase I/II Proof of Concept Trial. This article reviews the evidence supporting possible mechanisms underlying this response including autocrine purinergic signaling. Pruritus without identified cause was noted by 28 patients (3.3 %), with another 16 patients (1.9 %) reporting neurotic excoriations, prurigo nodules, or lichen simplex chronicus.

We also discuss fibroblast regulation of connective tissue tension with respect to lymphatic flow, immune function, and cancer." Langford CF, Udvari Nagy S, Ghoniem GM. Levator ani trigger point injections: an underutilized treatment for chronic pelvic pain. “In the management of CPP, a non-surgical office-based therapy such as trigger point injections can be effective in selected patients.” Laniosz V, Wetter DA, Godar DA. Some form of dermatitis other than neurodermatitis was found in 77 patients (9.1 %).

Furthermore, once central sensitization develops, peripheral pain generators, such as myofascial trigger points, may lead to perpetuation and aggravation of central sensitization. The magnitude of chronic pain is in terms of human suffering and costs to society.

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Surgery is indicated in most cases of true neurogenic TOS, whereas rehabilitation is the standard treatment for subjective TOS." Lauretti GR. This model is based on the assumption that both excitatory and inhibitory processes are dampened with age but that the later processes age at a faster rate, leading to increasingly unbalanced pain excitation." Lautenbacher S, Kunz M, Strata P et al. Age effects on pain thresholds, temporal summation and spatial summation of heat and pressure pain. Functional impairment in chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and multiple chemical sensitivity. Seventy-eight patients had discrete diagnoses of 1 of MCS, CFS, or FM, while the remainder had 2 or 3 overlapping diagnoses.

“...somatosensory thresholds for non-noxious stimuli increase with age whereas pressure pain thresholds decrease and heat pain thresholds show no age-related changes.”Lautenbacher S, Rollman GB, Mc Cain GA. Multi-method assessment of experimental and clinical pain in patients with fibromyalgia. There is increased pain responsiveness for any noxious stimuli in FM patients, including cold, heat, and electronic stimulation, although the latter was noted in the tender point regions. Most (68.8%) had stopped work, and on average this had occurred 3 years after symptom onset.

Stringent clinical criteria are required to confirm the diagnosis of subjective TOS. It has been suggested that its central sensitization is secondary to a peripheral anti-hyperalgic action on somatic pain and central on neuropathic pain, which result in the blockade of central hyperexcitability. Experimental approaches in the study of pain in the elderly. These data suggest an increase in pain threshold and a decrease in tolerance threshold, which both are dependent on the physical nature of the stressor, as well as a developing deficiency in endogenous pain inhibition, which might be paralleled by an enhanced disposition to central sensitization (stronger temporal summation).

In reality, multiple factors can be entangled, with TOS being one element within a multifactorial pain disorder; any musculotendinous pathology of the upper limb and any peripheral nerve entrapment require screening for potential concomitant TOS. The intravenous dose should not exceed the toxic plasma concentration of 5 microg m L(-1); doses smaller than 5 mg kg(-1), administered slowly (30 minutes), under monitoring, are considered safe.” Laursen K, Sehgal N, Poliak-Tunis M et al. Regarding modulation of central sensitization following trigger point anesthetization in patients with chronic pain from whiplash trauma. [Oct 28 Epub ahead of print] The central pain from FM and other central sensitization states can be eased by dealing with Tr Ps. These findings are arranged in a model that allows for explaining the two seemingly divergent perspectives: age both dulls the pain sense and increases the prevalence of pain complaints. “The patient population was predominantly female (86.7%), with a mean age of 44.6 years.

Dry needling was utilized in two of her three visits. “Unspecialized ‘loose’ connective tissue forms an anatomical network throughout the body. Cellular control of connective tissue matrix tension. It also is becoming apparent that fibroblasts play an active role in regulating connective tissue tension.


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