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A working sheepdog in KC terms does not have to work sheep, its just a Border Collie which has no registered KC pedigree. The KC pedigree 'Border Collie' has little to do with the sheepdogs that we see in farmers fields or in sheepdog trials, but to keep their puppies viable KC breeders need to breed in genes from working dog lines to stop their bloodlines being affected by recessive or deleterious traits The dogs they would use are generally registered with the International Sheepdog Society who run their own stud book for pedigree working BC's.

The KC will recognise and register ISDS dogs as Border Collies.

It may help to understand the structure of completion at the top level of exemption shows in the UK. At Crufts each breed is judged in its own class against others of the same breed. Each Best in Group winner then competes against the others for the ultimate title, Best in Show. As well as exemption shows, the KC runs competitive events in various interactive disciplines like Agility, Flyball, etc.

There will be a male and female winner in the class that then compete against each other to be crowned Best of Breed. You may ask what the point is and why people put their dogs through it all. These events are run all over the country at various levels with competitors vying for a place to compete at the main event - Crufts.

There is great diversity in the appearance of such Border Collies because many generations back when the breed became established as an exceptional working dog farmers and shepherds bought pups and took them home and bred them into their native working dog lines in order to add the skills of the Border Collie into their own bloodline.


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