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Space is allocated for the table segment at the time of the first DML operation on the table.The temporary table definition persists in the same way as the definitions of regular tables, but the table segment and any data the table contains are either keyword is valid only if you are creating this table as part of a hash cluster and only for columns that are also cluster columns.Oracle Database Resource Manager (the Resource Manager) enables you to manage multiple workloads within a database that are contending for system and database resources.

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This clause instructs the database to sort the rows of the cluster on this column after applying the hash function when performing a DML operation.

Doing so may improve response time during subsequent operations on the clustered data.

Question: I have a very large table and I need to delete millions of rows from the table without the table fragmenting.

I also need to use the best delete method, a best-practice way to delete large amounts of rows as fast as possible.

With the Resource Manager, you can: A resource consumer group (consumer group) is a collection of user sessions that are grouped together based on their processing needs.