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The early history of Arakan, so far as it may be dignified by that name, makes it an independent State, sometimes with Chittagong and Tipperah in sub- jection to it, sometimes with Chittagong and Tipperah separate.

Head kakka karga katto Hand marra merrer myrea Feet idna jinna jeena Eye mena mail mail Nose mudla miillab moolya Tooth ira erai nelgo Svm yurno tshindu nganga batta PARNKALLA, ETC.

At the present moment, the Mi-ii are in 40 THE KAMI, ETC.

Their present occupancy is somewhat west of their older one.

The Kooch of Kooch Behar, as spoken by the Mahometan and Brahminic sections of the name.

It is with the Hayu, and Kusunda group, or, at least with the languages to the west, that the Dhimal appears to have its closest affinities.

The Pani Kooch, or unconverted Kooch, are beheved to use a more decidedly Bhot form of speech.