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A considerable bone of contention with the passing of this bill was the use of the Parliament Act to push it through the House of Lords - the Lords have repeatedly rejected the bill, not least it has been suggested, because many of them hunt.

For those who haven't been keeping up with all this chaos and confusion, I would like to fill you in on the basics of the ban, as well as looking at some of the facts and misapprehensions surrounding fox hunting.

A Very Brief History of Fox Hunting in England Fox hunting has taken place in the UK for almost 700 years.

The first accurately recorded fox hunt -- during which a farmer in Norfolk used his dogs to chase down a fox suspected of killing some of his livestock -- was in 1534, although there are references to hunting foxes in England dating as far back as AD43.

It strikes me that this ban on hunting was never really intended to 'save the foxes'; rather, its aim was to try and legislate the manner in which they were killed (i.e. In other words, the bill is not designed to stop the killing of foxes, but instead it is there to try and ensure a humane death for the animal.


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