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Data-driven insights work with Turn’s patented real-time algorithms and lightning-fast execution platform, helping marketers deliver the right message on the best media channel at the right moment in time. Superior campaign performance that exceeds expectations and delivers better ROI than any other marketing platform.0Lead Scanner Ukraine Private Lead Scanner is a new lead generation service which brings you hot sales leads from social media in real-time.99 Squared United Kingdom Private99Squared have developed Kuoob, a ground-breaking digital ecosystem for delivering a wide range of rich content to any mobile device.

Kuoob moves good old fashioned advertising to The Cloud and can be highly targeted without invading the consumer's personal mobile space or privacy.

Customers get instant engagement and the ability to submit their information all in one place.

The Real Capture platform was built so advertisers can customize as much or as little of the experience they want.

Advertisers can chat with customers via our desktop CRM, mobile apps, or API.

Mapping over 3 billion interactions a month from more than 50 social platforms as well as our proprietary data products, Persona technology enables you to find and reach the audiences most relevant to your brand.

Turn USAAcquired Every interaction with mobile apps, web content, streaming video, or a social network creates valuable new consumer data.

Chatbar Mobile is our on-the-go solution bringing the retail POS direct to consumers’ mobile phones, so they can chat with brands, from any location.


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